Effective Process R&D Management Needs
Effective PTC Process Screening
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Effective Process R&D Management Needs
Effective PTC Process Screening

As every process R&D manager knows, the decisions made in the early stages of process screening have a significant impact on the downstream stages of process development and scale-up. The challenge of the process R&D manager is to identify the technology most likely to be successful for a given process in the shortest period of time while investing the minimum amount of R&D resources. Often, phase-transfer catalysis is the technology most likely to be successful. If PTC really does excel in thousands of reactions in over 40 reaction categories, why isn't PTC screened more often?

Simply put, without highly specialized expertise in PTC, it is likely to take too much valuable time during the busy and crucial process screening program to determine if PTC is a reasonable process option. Effective process screening can be achieved by applying the highly specialized PTC expertise of PTC Organics at the pivotal screening stage to achieve resource-efficient proof-of-concept.

Good news...PTC can be screened rapidly and effectively by PTC experts

During the first weeks of screening, PTC Organics’ PTC experts identify the most crucial process parameters and specialized PTC techniques for the specific process, which are most likely to lead to success. PTC process screening and development is designed and executed by PTC Organics in two stages:

PTC Process Screening

  • Achieve promising results or determine proof-of-concept

  • PTC Process Development

  • Definition of PTC process parameters ready for scale-up

  • If promising PTC conditions are not discovered rapidly, PTC is often abandoned as a viable route. Scale-up then occurs with a non-optimal, non-PTC process and retrofit is, in certain cases, not possible due to registration constraints (e.g., pharmaceuticals). Even high-throughput screening or Design of Experiments can lead to an incorrect conclusion about the potential feasibility of a PTC process option when specialized PTC expertise is not available to identify key non-obvious parameters and set the proper limits.

    PTC Organics has helped customers overcome many common challenges and pitfalls which are specific to PTC Process Screening. These include:

      • Address the most important PTC process parameters first (catalyst is usually NOT first).

      • Plan for catalyst separation method at the outset to assure high product assay.

      • Broaden the scope of process options using water-sensitive reactants/products.

      • Achieve promising reactivity, volume efficiency and raw material efficiency by choosing surprisingly low levels of water, solvent and agitation at the outset.

      • Integrate other highly specialized PTC techniques ("tricks") not commonly known, without which the PTC process option would simply not be feasible.

    In summary, integration of your process chemistry department with the expertise of PTC Organics is a highly efficient way to achieve peak performance from your process R&D program in the most cost-effective manner. Contact Marc Halpern (tel +1 856-222-1146 or E-mail) to integrate PTC Contract Research or PTC Consulting into your process screening and development programs.

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