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PTC Tip of the Month
Avoid Overdrying PTC Reactions

US Patent 6,790,981 (Mueller et al. 14-Sep-2004) is a compelling example which notes that even when working with water-sensitive compounds in PTC systems, it is important to avoid overdrying when screening for optimal conditions. In this application, the inventors reacted sodium phenolsulfonate (SPS) with nonanoyl chloride using diethyleneglycol-dimethylether as the complexant phase-transfer catalyst (likely acts as an open crown ether complexing with the sodium) and Isopar G as solvent. When the system is overdried, a yield of 45% is obtained, whereas a 95% yield is obtained with more optimal drying of "lower quality" SPS! An older but good PTC version of this reaction is shown in the PTC Reaction of the Month below.

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PTC Reaction of the Month
Phenol O-Acylation Using Acid Chloride

This patent describes the PTC O-acylation shown below. The inventors note that PTC enhances the rate of reaction for the preparation of alkanoyloxybenzenesulfonate salts of high purity. In addition, the process uses lower temperatures than for similar non-PTC processes, and "the loadings of acid chloride required to carry out the reaction are lower, which, in combination, renders the process very economical." Dumas, D.; Subramanyam, V. (E. I. Du Pont de Nemours) US Patent 5,069,828, 03-Dec-1991

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Phase-Transfer Catalyst of the Month

This inexpensive phase-transfer catalyst works as a complexant and can be extremely effective and useful in applications such as that shown in the PTC Tip of the Month above. This catalyst is inert under most PTC conditions (basic and neutral) and has a boiling point attractive for easy separation and recovery. 
It is not always obvious which PTC applications will be catalyzed by glymes. However, it is usually worthwhile to screen these catalyst before setting the process in stone. 

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New PTC Service
PTC Option Go/No-Go Consultation

Provide a quick and cost-effective key decision aid during initial project planning, whether to pursue evaluation of phase-transfer catalysis as an option to achieve success or breakthrough performance for an organic reaction/process, consisting of uniquely qualified expert opinion and supported by 28 years of PTC experience and documented evidence.

Benefit & When To Use
Can be crucial to achieve highly effective R&D for organic chemical reactions/processes during:

PTC Organics will deliver a written confidential "PTC Option Opinion" for a specific organic reaction which will include

Initiating the Project
To initiate project or obtain attractive pricing for 2005 budget planning, contact Marc Halpern at tel +1 856-222-1146, fax: +1 856-222-1124 or E-mail.

Inexpensive patent attorney (United States) familiar with Phase-Transfer Catalysis, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Contact Mannie Morgenstern by E-mail or at telephone 818-788-5531 (California). 

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Before performing any PTC reactions read this important message
Organic chemical reactions are inherently dangerous. Moreover, phase-transfer catalysis may provide rate and other enhancements which can intensify associated hazards. Under no circumstances should anyone perform any procedure on any scale based in whole or in part on any of the contents of this information provided here before thoroughly establishing safe operating procedures and performing a full and competent hazardous operations analysis with the participation of qualified technical personal trained in chemical, engineering, safety, industrial hygiene and environmental disciplines and sciences.

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