Chemical Market Reporter published a full page article on Phase-Transfer Catalysis in the March 15, 2004 issue (Fine Chemicals Focus Report page FR8) skillfully written by Clay Boswell. If you are a subscriber with a password, you can read it on the CMR website (or contact PTC Organics for a reprint). This is a good independent article to convince corporate executives who read CMR that PTC programs should be initiated to achieve cost savings to cope with today's competitive market. 

PTC Tip of the Month "Immediate" Expert Pre-Screening of PTC Applications

If you think that phase-transfer catalysis may be able to help you in your current project, simply complete the "PTC Project Description Form" shown at and fax it to Marc Halpern at +1 856-222-1124. PTC Organics will provide a probability of success (high, medium or low) within 24 hours of receipt and review by Marc Halpern (contingent upon travel schedule). This probability of success can help you decide if you should pursue a PTC option for your project during route selection, evaluation of cost savings/process improvements or for next year's R&D budget planning. This is a free service through the end of 2004 (may be extended beyond 2004 - contact PTC Organics). Do NOT disclose proprietary information without a properly executed secrecy agreement with PTC Organics. Probability of success can sometimes be estimated using structures containing generic "R" groups to avoid disclosure of confidential information. Questions? Contact Marc Halpern at tel +1 856-222-1146 or by E-mail.


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PTC Technology for Licensing

For details, contact Marc Halpern at tel +1 856-222-1146 or by E-mail.

- for PTC options during route selection, contact Marc Halpern by E-mail, website or telephone (+1 856-222-1146).

PTC Training - 1-hr PTC Tele-seminar on June 1, 2004- FREE

PTC Organics is offering to selected qualified companies a private session of the PTC tele-seminar entitled "Reducing Cost of Manufacture of Organic Chemicals Using Phase-Transfer Catalysis" see abstract at If your company qualifies, the seminar will be conducted by telephone on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 with a PowerPoint presentation (to be sent prior to the seminar) and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a telephone. Register by contacting Marc Halpern at tel 856-222-1146 (US) or by E-mailPTC Organics reserves the right to determine the participating companies which will be selected from the industrial customers or potential industrial customers of PTC Organics.

Better PTC Training: The 2-day course "Practical Phase-Transfer Catalysis" can be conducted at your company anytime (North America, Europe or Japan) as a private in-house course. Click here for complete details or contact us by E-mail, website, telephone (+1 856-222-1146) or fax (+1 856-222-1124).

Inexpensive patent attorney (United States) familiar with Phase-Transfer Catalysis, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Contact Mannie Morgenstern by E-mail or at telephone 818-788-5531 (California). 

PTC Reaction of the Month Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (Double)

Dan Brunelle at General Electric is the leading innovator in the history of PTC using high-temperature PTC conditions (first published more than 20 years ago). It is important to achieve "substantially anhydrous" conditions, meaning less than 50 ppm water (preferably < 10 ppm water) which was achieved by azeotropic distillation of about 13% of the o-dichlorobenzene solvent (ODCB amount shown is after initial solvent removal). The salts were filtered at the end of the reaction. Brunelle, D.; Ye, Q.; (General Electric) 27-Apr-2004, US Patent 6,727,370

PT Catalyst of the Month Tetrabutyl Ammonium Iodide

Provides soluble iodide for iodide substitution reactions or for iodide co-catalysis.
Reactivity Parameters (Contact PTC Organics for explanation)
Organophilicity C# = 16; Accessibility q-value = 1.0

Availability, Samples and Quotes from Competitors

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Delta Finochem, Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, GFS Chemical (click on link)

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Before performing any PTC reactions read this important message
Organic chemical reactions are inherently dangerous. Moreover, phase-transfer catalysis may provide rate and other enhancements which can intensify associated hazards. Under no circumstances should anyone perform any procedure on any scale based in whole or in part on any of the contents of this information provided here before thoroughly establishing safe operating procedures and performing a full and competent hazardous operations analysis with the participation of qualified technical personal trained in chemical, engineering, safety, industrial hygiene and environmental disciplines and sciences.

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